Ep 8 Sean Tepper - Intuitive Investing Podcast

Sean built TYKR, an investing stock picking platform that uses multiple metrics including financials to assess the worthiness of stocks to invest in. Jaden and Sean share their input on stocks such as: SNOW Snowflake, Inc. and Palantir as well as sage advice for balancing work and business.

Sean Tepper is the Founder and CEO of Tykr, a stock screener and educational platform all-in-one that helps you manage your own investments. He originally created Tykr in 2016 as a tool to save time when investing in the stock market. After four years, he made consistent returns ranging between 15% and 50% per year. In 2019 he started sharing this tool with retail as well as institutional investors and everyone agreed, he needs to turn this into a platform to share with others. Tykr went live in 2020 and now it’s a platform, serving investors from countries all over the globe.