Ep 10 Jaden Sterling - Intuitive Investing Podcast

Jaden Sterling, Founder of Sterling Stock Picker talks about why mutual funds are a scam, his story on how he retired rich from corporate America AND gives the background on how Sterling Stock Picker was created and how it can benefit you.
link to media sited in show: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mutualfunds-managers-idUSTRE7935BJ20111004

Jaden Sterling, a seasoned professional investor, Intuitive Investing Coach, and Founder of Sterling Stock Picker. With over 35 years of experience in the financial industry, Sterling has dedicated his professional life to helping individuals take control of their finances and achieve true financial freedom. As an innovator in the field, he was recently named to the list of the top innovative companies and CEOs of 2023 by Forbes Magazine. Sterling continues to push the boundaries by offering innovative stock investing solutions. His mission is to bring “Wall Street” to Main Street by empowering those with nest eggs to not only protect their money, but make it work for them to achieve financial independence. Sterling is a sought after media expert featured in Bloomberg, Market Watch, Yahoo Finance and recently named to the Executive Board for Fast Company.