What is Sterling Stock System™?

Sterling Stock System™ is a proven step-by-step system designed to take you by the hand (as in step 1, step 2…you get the idea) to buy and sell stocks confidently and for most, better than the “pro’s.” No fluff, or confusion. Literally…step-by-step nothing has been overlooked.

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 What is included in Sterling Stock System™?

Sterling Stock System™ is the proven, step-by-step thorough system for you to finally get money to work for you instead of you working for it!

Sterling Stock System™ includes:

  • 9 Easy-to-Follow Video Modules
  • 3 Month Subscription to Sterling Stock Picker PRO
  • Lifetime access and ability to login 24/7 from anywhere in the world on any device
  • Downloadable Videos (Mov), Audio (MP3), Slides (Power Point) and PDF's
  • One Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


 You Don’t Need to be an Expert to Invest Like One

Sterling Stock System™ is so powerful that 100% of the Beta Test Students achieved their initial goal of becoming confident investors!

9 Transformative Modules to Get Money to Work 4 You

Easy to Follow Video Course

Module 1: Money Mind-Set

  •  Set Your Investment Intentionss
  •  How to: Create a Profitable Money Mind-Set *No matter where you are with your relationship with money, this module will make you feel like it was worth your entire investment in the course

Module 2: Your Starting Point

  •  Identify your starting point with money and investing
  •  Discover your 3 Main Values
  •  Discover your Net Worth…finally an easy to follow step-by-step system to learn about assets and liabilities
  •  Learn to use the Sterling Stock Picker

Module 3: How to Reduce Debt

  •  You will learn the highest and best use of each dollar you have!
  •  How to get the most of your cash flow
  •  Where to find money in your current budget to invest
  •  6 Powerful and FAST ways to instantly reduce expenses, not incur any more debt and reduce current debts

Module 4: Welcome to The World of Investing!

  •  Essential Financial and Investing Terms and Definitions
  •  Determine Specific Investment Goals
  •  Discover Your Risk Tolerance
  •  What Stocks Are and Other Investments Such as: Mutual Funds, Index Funds, ETF’s, ADR’s and much more
  •  Pre-Stock Picking Strategy

Module 5: How to Buy Stocks

  •  7-Step Stock Formula
  •  How to invest in non-publically traded stocks
  •  Discover what affects stocks and their price
  •  Investment Strategies that work
  •  Asset Allocate Your Money Like the Pro’s

Module 6: Getting Technical

  •  3 Technical Indicators you will ever need to look at
  •  How to Interpret Stock Charts
  •  How to tell when a stock is a buy based on a chart
  •  What money flow means
  •  Research stocks and connect with Sterling Stock Picker Investment Community

Module 7: Fundamentals of Value Investing

  •  Identify stocks whose value is below its current market price
  •  Learn how Price to Earnings Ratio’s can help you pick stocks
  •  Master reading stock charts and interpreting data
  •  Discover what stocks institutions and portfolio managers are buying
  •  Start your very own practice investing account

Module 8: Build Your Portfolio

  •  Invest for income and growth
  •  The Dividend Aristocrats…how you can make money with them
  •  Reaching for higher rate of return…safely
  •  Discover Market Trends
  •  #1 Strategy for Solid Portfolio Returns

Module 9: How and When to Sell Stocks

  •  Learn the 6 reasons you will ever need to sell your stocks
  •  Learn how many shares to sell for each

Bonus 1: 3 Months of Sterling Stock Picker PRO

Get 3 months of Sterling Stock Picker PRO, Award Winning Stock Picking Software That’s Simple, Proven and Gets Results. We have created this software around this course, it is a must have companion tool to what you learn in the course.

Bonus 2: Simply Money Training 6-Week Webinar

Simply Money Training 6-Week Webinar (pre recorded) How to Get Keep and Grow Your Money students in the past have paid $497.00 for this... you get it FREE.

Bonus 3: Welcome to the SSP Community

As a PRO Member of the Sterling Stock Picker Community, you can join amazing people who actively invest and freely share ideas and information. You will love the community we've created there

 Who is Sterling Stock System™ for?

The Sterling Stock System™ has been designed for all ranges of expertise

“ If you are someone who never learned about money or how to invest, the course is for you! ”
“If you have investments with a broker and are unhappy with the returns he/she is getting for you, you can do better…the course is for you”
“If you have an interest in the markets yet don’t have a clue how to get started, the course is for you”
“If you lost money in the past because you really didn’t know what you were doing when it comes to investing, this course can serve as your master’s degree in investing, the course is for you”
“If you invest your money and only receive marginal returns, the course is for you”
“If up until now…you were afraid to look at your monthly brokerage statements and now feel ready to learn about investing, the course is for you”

Course Options

There are 2 options when it comes to participating in the course

Option 1

  •  The Sterling Stock System™ Self-Study, online video course includes all 9 modules
  •  All 3 BONUSES
The option you pick depends on your learning style. If you prefer to work at your own pace and your learning style is conducive to online courses than you are good to go with Option 1: the online version only! If you think you'll have lots of questions and need one-on-one attention than Option 2: working with me through the course is the way to go.

Option 2

  •  Everything in Option 1
  •  PLUS… 3-MONTHS of Money Mentoring
  •  Email access to me during the 3 months of money mentoring, I become your "Money Mentor" when it comes to investing, reach out to me anytime to run ideas by me
  •  We will meet weekly for 3 months on live webinars
  •  Keep you accountable and ensure you receive an advanced working knowledge of the markets and money

 FREE Master Class

How to Tap Your Intuition to Pick Winning Stocks Complimentary Webinar, Grab Your Spot!


 Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some quick answers to some common questions about our program

Answer: This course is right for you if you sincerely desire to: learn about investing, gain control of your finances and start putting your money to work. If those things don't interest you then chances are the course isn't right for you. NO, you do not need any previous investing experience to take this course and during the course you will learn how to buy stocks, step-by-step with me holding your hand. The entire course is easy to follow, implement and take action with; we've designed the course for ANYONE to succeed at investing!

This course isn't for you if:
  • you expect to get rich quick
  • don't have the interest in applying what you learn
  • Want to engage in forex, commodity or currency trading

This course will literally save you years and tears when it comes to money and investing; however, you WILL have to apply what you learn, or I guess you could hire someone to take the course for you and invest your money but that's just delaying YOU learning about money and the markets!

Answer: Good question! As soon as you purchase you get access (via your username and password) to the Sterling Stock System™ video course online platform.

  • Lifetime access and ability to login 24/7 from anywhere in the world on any device. Video, Audio and digital slides to download and take with you on the go.
  • 9 course modules and multiple BONUS modules evenly paced for you.
  • BONUS 1: Bonus 1: 3 Months of Sterling Stock Picker PRO
  • BONUS 2: Simply Money Training 6-Week Webinar (pre recorded) How to Get Keep and Grow Your Money, students in the past have paid $497.00 for this... you get it FREE
  • Bonus 3: Membership to the SSP Community. You will love the community we've created there.

Answer: Sign up for Option 2, we'll email you and add you to the next Money Mentoring Group which run every September and January.

Answer: By law I can't guarantee you specific returns. However, I can guarantee you will learn to buy value stocks aligned with your values, at a great price. Stocks you can "marry" and not have to watch like a hawk all day. You will feel confident talking about the markets, researching stocks, picking investments and doing so on your own or with an advisor, your choice.

Answer: The course is split into "bite size" pieces for you to consume the content in 20-30 minute increments. New modules are "time released" based on how quickly or slowly you move through the material. Once you get into the groove, you shouldn't need to spend more than 15-20 minutes daily picking stocks since you will know EXACTLY where to find SPECIFIC information.

Answer: You get lifetime access to Option 1: Self-Study Online course and lifetime access to Option 2: Self-Study Course PLUS 3-Month Money Mentoring Webinars via video replays. PLUS as webupdate the course along the way you will have FULL access, forever to all the updates as well. :). :)

Answer: Yes, we all have to start somewhere and the sooner you learn about investing the faster you will manifest money to invest.

Answer: Yes of course! Have a look at the tuition payment installment options

Answer: So, here is the deal on refunds. I pride myself on high quality programs...satisfaction guaranteed! In life, you get out what you put in... Meaning, if you do what I teach you, good things happen. If you don’t do it, nothing good happens. Shocking, right?

We are so confident you will get so much value from our course we offer a 12-MONTH Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy! If at anytime within the first 12 months, after you've completed the assignments and still aren't satisfied by what you got from the course, email our customer support and I will personally work with you until you are satisfied with the program.


Nola Peacock

Sterling Stock System™ - Graduate

Loved it all, I love the step by step system. You make it simple with integrity in everything you do. Love that you teach us to trust our intuition, buy stocks with companies who match our values. You have over delivered on all your promises. Very few programs/people do that. The course went beyond my expectations, I felt I would learn something—but you helped me feel ready to act. Thank you Jaden from the bottom of my heart.”

Jennifer Lewis

Sterling Stock System™ - Graduate

I am so grateful for taking Jaden’s course. He totally delivered on providing easy, logical steps and guidelines for investing; how to choose stocks; when to buy and when to sell. During the course, I picked 2 stocks that went up 50% each! I now feel comfortable in making investment decisions and am actively trading in my own investment account. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in taking control of their own finances.

Brian McFadden

Sterling Stock System™ - Graduate

The course exceeded my expectations. I liked the step-by-step system; I now have a solid system for buying stocks and for trading. There’s a lot of information out there, I liked learning what to ignore and what to focus on and I achieved 100% return on a stock I picked because of this course.

Irma Goosen

Sterling Stock System™ - Graduate

I liked that this course was no BS, loaded with integrity and authenticity. I learned the basics of buying and selling stocks. I liked how I advanced into buying and selling stocks without even realizing it because it was easy and clearly spelled out!

Rhonda Morison

Sterling Stock System™ - Graduate

Oh people, you just wait! This is a fantastic teaching by an amazing guy! Having success after success from this course!

Linda Backs

Sterling Stock System™ - Graduate

We have benefitted exponentially by taking this course from Jaden!!!

Jen Mueller

Sterling Stock System™ - Graduate

Thank you Jaden Sterling for holding this space and being of service from your heart space! I have so much gratitude to stand here in a place of being in my own power!

Diane Martin

Sterling Stock System™ - Graduate

If you want to double your investment portfolio check this out!! I have had amazing results and trust Jaden Sterling to take it to the next level!