What is included in the Options Investment Class™?

Everything you need to know to make money & insure your portfolio

Options can be lucrative when it comes to maximizing your portfolio returns and protecting your equity positions from downside risk!

With Options you can:

  • Get paid to hold stocks
  • Get paid to buy stocks
  • Protect your stock investment
  • Get 95% of the upside without having to own shares of stock
  • Limit downside risk
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Much More!

Included in the Course

To maximize your learning

  •  Options 101
  •  Calls and Puts simplified
  •  LEAPS
  •  BONUS Bringing it all together
    •  4 hours of expert training
    •  Handouts for you to easily follow
    •  Video replays of each module
    •  LIVE Q&A on every call
    •  Email support for 30 days
    •  20-minute (1 on 1) BONUS call with Jaden

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